"Our Growers - Our Neighbors"
The Farmers' Market at Sea Colony
Sea Colony Parking Lot
June 24-August 26
8 AM -Noon
Plenty of free Parking
Because of the very crowded Market we reluctantly ask you to not bring your dog to the market. An incident involving dogs and a small infant forced us to make this decision. We love our dogs, but they do not belong in a very crowded Market.
Season 10
June 12 to Sept 4
Bethany Beach Farmers' Market
Sundays June 12 thru September 4, 2016
8:00 am 'tl Noon
Garfield Pky and Pennsylvania Ave
Our Growers, Our Neighbors
Volunteers Invited
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Del. peach crop in peril after killer frost
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From the Wilmington News Journal of March 8
"Delaware ensures food safety at farmers markets"

Food safety doesn't worry Lisa Flowers when she shops at farmers markets.

When the Milford resident buys baked goods or jams at a farmers market, she believes the food is safer than what she gets in a grocery store.

She said she has so much more confidence in the farm-to-table movement that she has purchased a bruised apple from a farmers market –something she wouldn't do at a grocery store. MORE