"Our Growers - Our Neighbors"

The Bethany Beach Farmers Market will begin its ninth season running for 12 Sundays from June 14 2015 until it's final day on August 30 th, 2015 the Sunday before Labor Day. The market season is coming after a long and somewhat miserable winter. Vendors are eagerly awaiting the season with a fresh array of local fruits, vegetables, flowers and other locally sourced items for offer. As you probably know, the Market is managed by a volunteer committee. They seek more volunteers to help.
The Bethany Beach Farmers Market is a Producers Only Farmers Market meaning that vendors sell only what they grow or bake. You see the grower or baker in person; often with a few helping volunteers. All items are grown on Delmarva and are truly as fresh as it gets. The Market will offer free parking during market hours adjacent to the market.
As always, comments and suggestions about the web page will be welcomed. We look forward to seeing you all at the market for the 2015 season.

Thanks to the Town of Bethany Beach and PNC Bank, the market will continue at its ideal location - the corner of Garfield Parkway and Pennsylvania Avenue, in the heart of Town.
The market will feature the farm products of sixteen vendors, the same ones as 2014, including a huge variety of locally grown, freshly picked fruits and vegetables, produced by our agricultural neighbors.
The market's hours are 8:00 AM till Noon.

The Farmers' Market at Sea Colony
Sea Colony Parking Lot
June 24-August 26
8 AM -Noon
Plenty of free Parking
Because of the very crowded Market we reluctantly ask you to not bring your dog to the market. An incident involving dogs and a small infant forced us to make this decision. We love our dogs, but they do not belong in a very crowded Market.
Season 9 is Coming
Bethany Beach Farmers' Market
Sundays June 14 thru August 30, 2015
8:00 am 'tl Noon
Garfield Pky and Pennsylvania Ave
Our Growers, Our Neighbors
Volunteers Invited
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