By Market Reporter Nancy

Against All Odds – this Market season came to a close as a success!!

A few parting shots from our vendors:

Heather of Lavender Fields will spend next Sunday sleeping in, followed by a walk on the boardwalk, capped off with a Corona! Be sure to visit them in Milton, a delightful piece of heaven!

The Herbs, Spice… guys, Dave and Bob will be sleeping until the cocks crow for a change, and then right back to the fields.

Carol of Honey Bee Lake Apiary wants to remind everyone that they deliver and ship their goodies! They can be reached at 302-732-9251.

Harry Wimbrow claims he will be at my house at 5:30 a.m. for Bloody Marys and brunch. Unfortunately, or not, I will still be fast asleep; so he’s on his own!

The Mushroom Man of Davidson’s Exotics is for sure sleeping in – no more long trek from Kennett Square this week! Apparently there will be a grapefruit crush, or two, at some point!

The Magee’s have a wedding to attend Saturday night – an early departure for sleep will not be necessary – party on!

Loretta Ficner says she doesn’t know what she’s going to do, which might actually be a nice dilemma. Justin is definitely NOT getting up at 3:30 a.m.; perhaps a beach hit will be on the agenda, and for sure a Corona!

Albert Hudson can be spotted at McDonald’s with coffee, catching up on all the local gossip he missed this summer. Meanwhile his lovely, long-suffering wife, Sharon, will be breathing a well- deserved sigh of relief!

Henry Bennett is mum. Perhaps a deep, dark secret hidden under those peachy socks!

Finally, the vendors are grateful for a successful season, with a special shout out to all the volunteers who made it possible!

Our patron count this week was a healthy 1,110 – thank you loyal shoppers!

Who knows what next summer will look like, but we will be back! Come see us in 2021!