By Market Reporter Nancy

Peaches and Blueberries are abounding, but continue to sell out quickly:  Blueberries at 8:45, and Bennett Peaches by 9:30!!!

Fresh Harvest Hydroponics has tasty and eneeeerigizing Hot Shots to get you through your shopping. My personal favorite is pineapple, but they also sell out quickly.

Herbs, Spice, Everything Nice – our all organic grower – will have beets and Japanese eggplant next week, along with fresh mint for your vacation time Mojitos. Dave wanted to offer Mojitos, but we nixed it – our apologies!

Ficner Farms has waxed beans now, and perhaps their worth-waiting-for tomatoes next week. They continue to plant corn every 4 days to get us through the season. They even got some rain this week, which had constantly skirted them – congrats to you, and our market as well!

Hudson’s Produce expects cantaloupes next week, and more heirloom tomatoes. Wimbrow Farms expects cantaloupes as well, and hopefully some watermelons to boot!

Davidson’s Exotic Mushrooms plan to cook up some portobellos next week – the Shroom Maven will be absent, but her trusty minions will serve us well! 

Our flowers are quite incredible this year! Celtic Acres has ramped it up, and their gladiolas this week were pretty amazing! Masterpiece Flowers continues to offer a rainbow of beauty!

Jah-shen, of Old World Breads has encouraged me to try their Frangipani Cake. I have resisted, thinking of nasty fruit cake from my past. Guess what, he did not lie – it is great! – a beautiful, moist cake loaded with berries and nuts. A big 2 thumbs up from my household!

Special thanks this week to Gabrielle Brose for sharing her music at our Market.  We were most impressed by your fortitude and talent!!  Please come entertain us again!


Terrific salad dressing from Lavender Fields.
Beautiful Gabrielle sharing her music to add more festivity to our market!

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