Auntie Em!! – What happened?!

By Market Reporter Nancy

A picture-perfect morning turned quite breezy, and then gusty most quickly! Our Market, as others, has strict rules regarding tent weights for just these occasions.  Our Shoppers’ safety is paramount! Our vendors can be quite creative, while maintaining a Dorothy Gale safety standard. Innovations are pictured below.

Next Sunday marks the last day of the BBFM for this season; however, for some, it brings the relief of getting back to some semblance of normalcy – what that means to a farmer remains a mystery to me. God bless you, for all you give us, and take a deep breath when possible!

We expect tons of great produce, although Bennett Orchards’ peach season has sadly come to a close for our market. Ficner Farms will have kale, and just maybe, some kooky blue potatoes – both Loretta and I are anxious to try those babies! Albert Hudson has yams galore, and they store well for a good long time!

Herbs Spice…will have more figs. I am told that Henry stuffs them with bleu cheese, and warms them in the oven – low heat – just until the cheese melts. I have not tried this, but Dave says – very Yin/Yang…curious…what could possibly go wrong? (for details, call Henry at 555-1212)

Old World Breads will be pulling out all the stops for our Market’s Swan Song, as will Lavender Fields, Honey Bee Lake Apiary, and Masterpiece Flowers!!!


8am – 12pm

Its always fun and breezy with Lavender Fields!

Justin takes no chances. In addition to standard tent weights, he anchors with a cinder block. Even so, he and Loretta hang on – for dear life?!

Charlie of Celtic Acres lost a tent weight and improvised with a Yeti? Whatever works and keeps us all safe!!

Dale has fashioned weights from PVC, glue, some crazy hardware, and filled it with sand – Bethany sand? Sounds labor intensive, but Terry says anything that keeps him out of my kitchen (hair) is well spent!

This is what’s cooking at chez Sager tonight

Woman Holding Bowl with Peaches

Recipe of the Week

Stuffed Peppers

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