By Market Reporter Nancy

Week 2 of the Bethany Beach Market showed an upturn in shoppers and, thankfully, a downturn in wait time. We are still tweaking the flow, and we will get it right!

We welcomed back Bennett Orchards this week with the cleanest and yummiest blueberries in Delaware, and Hudson Produce with their spring crop – both sold out, and will be back next week!

Honey Bee Lake Apiary will be selling their blueberry bar soap next week; and granola will be back, along with their honeylicious baked goods!

Herbs, Spice…will have more cherry tomatoes, and garlic will appear!

The Wimbrow Wagon has squash, kale, cucumbers, and hold your horses – only a week or so away from sweet corn!

Magee will have more strawberries, and hopefully their beautiful lilies.

Ficner Farms may have more kohlrabi – what the heck is that? It’s also called a German turnip. I am told to slice it thin and sauté in olive oil and butter – Loretta never steers me wrong!

This Market volunteer was wiped; so Sunday dinner was omelets with spring onions, cherry tomatoes, a side of red bliss potatoes, and of course, fresh bread from Old World Breads – all from our Market. No complaints!

I just received an alert that according to the Mayan Calendar, the world will end on June 21. Be sure to grab some great stuff from the Market this Sunday to enjoy a couple of last satisfying meals!

Thank you for your patronage and patience!

SUNDAY – 8am – 12pm