It is peak season for blueberries!!!!  Bennett Orchards, and Parson’s Farms have a ton, even so they sold out today – don’t sleep in this Sunday!

Wimbrow Farms still has kale and swiss chard coming in, along with their Eight Ball Squash – a fun delight. Harry says corn may make an appearance next week – finger’s crossed. If not, it won’t be long now, and always worth the wait!

We expect Magee Farms back next week, and they are also hoping to have corn. Growers tell me it has been a generally kind spring for crops. All we need now is a bit of heat to bring all to fruition. The heat will surely happen – like it or not!

Hudson’s Produce and Ficner Farms expect to have string beans next week, along with sunflowers and zinnias between them. Ficner Farms gave me a kohlrabi last week. I tried a couple of recipes, and decided my favorite is peeled, raw, sliced and dipped in honey and/or peanut butter. Not bad for a super healthy snack! Granddaughter #1 thought it rocked!

Herbs, Spice… will have heirloom and cherry tomatoes from their tunnel next week – very exciting to think tomato season is creeping up on us!

Celtic Farms will have their usual array of herbs, along with arugula, and sunflowers.

Don’t miss Old World Breads, who will be featuring focaccia flat breads, and , of course, their to-die-for pastries!


Make sure you check out the photos from our opening market.

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