The Countdown Begins 

7 Reasons to Shop at the Bethany Beach Farmers Market

1. Supporting Your neighbors

Our growers are your friends and family. As you support the Farmers Market, you support those who work and live in our community.

2. Something Little Different

Visiting a farmers market will open your meals up to some unique produce that you might not find at your local grocery store.

3. Get Helpful Tips and Recipes

Most of our vendors love to share the best recipes and tips for using the produce they sell.

4. Improve Your Nutrition

Did you know that as fruits and vegetables age they lose some of their nutritional value. The water content in fruits and vegetables over time absorbs some of the nutrients and make them less potent than fresh produce. That is why farmers markets help provide more bang for your buck, because we bring you the produce fresh from the fields.

5. Help Our Environment

A large environmental cost is the number of miles produce travels to get to grocery stores. By shopping at farmers markets, you can help reduces the number of miles produce is spent on the roads.

6. Buy Organic or Sustainable Farmed Produce for Less

Did you know that a lot of the sustainably grown produce at farmers markets can cost less than you would pay at the big grocery stores?

7. Enjoy the Fresh Outdoors

Summer is here – enjoy a day out in the sunshine in a fun community atmosphere.


Bethany Beach is blessed with 2 great farmers markets. We have our opening June 2 from 8am to 12 noon. Come join us for the first market!

Help us spread the word, we have placed our rack card on our website to download. Just download and print and share with your communities.

Growers Map

Find your favorite grower at the market.