It was a Happy Father’s Day! A sunny day – quite warm, but that goes with the territory. Speaking of hot summer days, I hope you are getting plenty of barefoot time! According to my sources on the West Coast, being barefoot on the ground helps your body’s electrical system harmonize, or stay “grounded.” You never know what those folks on the Left Coast are up to – so step on it!!

Bennett Orchards had blueberries, but not the expected bounty. It seems the Juneteenth festivities on Saturday superseded picking berries. Look for plenty next week!

Race to Ficner Farms’ tent this Sunday as the last of their picture-perfect broccoli will be appearing, along with kale, squash, and pickling cukes!

Spend some time at Herbs, Spice, and Dave is Nice (generally speaking). Unfortunately, you will not find dill for pickling those cukes. Apparently, dill is not fond of hot weather and goes to seed in a nanosecond! However, you will find plenty of other herbs, organic vegetables, beautiful jade and aloe plants, and, yes, papyrus! All organic – all the time!

We welcomed back Fresh Harvest Hydroponics this week. They experienced a disastrous and rather mysterious event that destroyed their crop. All is up and running now soundly and safely, and we are happy to see their lettuce and healthy shots of pineapple wheat grass – it even tastes good!!

Old World Breads never disappoints. Their breads, pastries and flat breads cannot be beat! According to Carolyn, Board Member, and volunteer extraordinaire, for a taste of heaven treat yourself to a maple pecan scone!

Wimbrow Farms has it all, including sweet corn just in! How exciting to see local corn this early; and with a kiss from Mother Nature, hopefully, it will just keep on coming!

Warm wishes go out to Albert and Sharon Hudson on their 50th wedding anniversary June 24th! Albert plans to honor his tireless lifemate by sending her to the fields. I dare say Sharon will be toiling at his side – wearing a smile? C’mon, Albert, whisk your bride off to Niagara Falls this October!

Our attendance has been soaring this year, topping out at 1475 this Sunday! It is no wonder that many of our vendors sell out. Thank you for your patronage – come often – come early!!

Come see us next Sunday!! – 8AM TO 12PM