By Market Reporter Nancy

Our July heat wave crossed over into August. Who knows what Isaias will be dumping, but it appears that a break from the 90’s will follow – fingers crossed!

Tomato taste test: this week’s tomato sandwich is thanks to Ficner Farms.  Be still my heart; it was lip-smacking! Picking a favorite this year might be impossible. Next week on to Wimbrow Farms!

This has been a Super Season with all our favorite crops, and it should continue for a few more weeks – ENJOY!

Don’t forget to research some easy freezing methods; and, of course, pick our farmers’ brains – they are a wealth of information and are happy to take the time to share their expert knowledge!

Bennett Orchards’ white peaches are done for the season, but those sweet, juicy yellows are still plentiful. With a bit of luck, nectarines will make an appearance next week – Henry’s favorite!

Specialty items our growers have include heirloom fingerling potatoes, oriental eggplant, and more. Be on the lookout!

Old World Breads – alert! Flatbreads are coming back next week, featuring fresh, local produce – sweet!

Despite the heat and humidity, our turnout was good at 1,128.  Our vendors are pleased with their sales.  Thank you for shopping at our wonderful BBFM and supporting our local growers.

Stay well, and we look forward to seeing you next week!

See you Sunday.   8 am – 12 pm