Luckily a breeze assuaged the oppressive heat. The dog days of this summer seem unending, which was evidenced by Harry Wimbrow’s emergency haircut, compliments of dog groomer, Susan. Looking good, Harry, you dirty dog!

Bennett Orchards brought the brief, but sweet, taste of nectarines – hopefully, you scored a bag or two! Peaches aplenty were available this week, with nary a shopper turned away! However, don’t get complacent, this will not last – freeze now! Don’t have time during these crazy, sometimes lazy, days of summer? Don’t have a lot of freezer space? Try “a tray a day.” Anytime you are slicing up a few peaches, slice a few more for your freezing tray. Follow Bennett’s freezing  instructions, Come the depths of winter, you will thank yourself!

So much of summer’s fresh-as-can-be flavorful produce can be frozen. Ask any of our friendly and knowledgeable vendors at Ficner Farms, Wimbrow Farms or Herbs, Spice and Everything Nice! (If you are into canning – google it! I gave that up decades ago!)

The Market always has our remarkable vendors who are not subject to the whims of Mother Nature. No need to fire up the oven – leave the baking to Old World Breads with their eye-popping lineup of breads, pastries, colossal cookies and more! Honey Bee Lake Apiary always brings a wide selection of pies and pastries, and don’t forget local honey, from local bees, provides a layer of defense against local allergens!

Come see us next Sunday. If you believe in local weather forecasts (and the tooth fairy!) it should be a picture-perfect day!


Corner of Garfield and Pennsylvania Avenues