After three torrential downpours in the span of six days, the kayak trail on Pennsylvania Avenue dried up, and the Market flourished under sunny skies! Thank you to all our shoppers, whether you be a faithful weekly patron or just checking us out on vacation. Our vendors have a wealth of information to go along with their products – feel free to engage them. Our Market Tent volunteers are pretty knowledgeable too! Stop by with any questions – we will do our darnedest to steer you right! 


Bennett Orchards – Peaches: yellow and, for the last time this season, white.

302 Aquaponics – Lettuces: Summer Crisp, Romaine Combo. Oregano, Cilantro, Parsley, Chives, Thyme, Rosemary, and Eggs.

Davidson’s Exotic Mushrooms – Portobello, Shiitake, Cremini, Gray Oyster, King Oyster, Pom-Poms, Maitake mushrooms.

Ficner Farms – Flowers, squash, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, corn, tomatoes, beans.

Herbs, Spice, Everything Nice – Flowers; Beefsteak and Heirloom tomatoes; Peppers:  sweet, shishito, jalapeno; Japanese Cukes; Garlic; Radishes; Herbs and house plants.

Honey Bee Lake Apiary – Honey, Honey lollipops, Honey Balm, Pastries, and Jams.

Jackie Blues – Live Blue Crabs, Fresh-picked Crab Meat, Crab Cakes, Crab Salad.

Lavender Fields – Lavender Hand Sanitizer, Lavender Honey, “The Soap Fairy” Natural Handcrafted Soaps, Bath Salts, Lotions, Bug Spray.

Old World Breads – Handcrafted Breads, Pastries, Flatbreads, Cookies.

River Cottage – Native flowers in glorious bouquets, tweaked to your taste.

Shuck It Oysters & Clams – Fresh local Oysters and Clams.

Story Hill Farm – Locally raised Pork: ground sausage, breakfast sausage, scrapple, and Locally raised Beef: ground beef, kebab cubes, ribeyes. Peanut Butter, Henlopen Sea Salt, and Eggs.

Wimbrow Farms – Tomatoes: Beefsteak, Heirloom, Cherry, Green. Corn, Squash, Peppers, Watermelon, Cantaloupes, Corn.


Easy Refrigerator Pickled Cucumbers

(I have no recipe for this; it’s just how my mother made them)
Cucumbers of your choice (I like English or I seed others)
Peel or leave skin on if you prefer (I peel)
Use a Mandoline to slice to preferred thickness(I prefer very thin)
Thinly sliced onions if you wish (I don’t use)
Put tap water in a bowl with some salt and stir to dissolve
(enough to just cover cukes)
Add cukes and let sit on counter approximately 30 minutes
Drain and gently pat with paper towel
Mix together pickling ingredients then pour over drained cukes:

1/3 C Vinegar of your choice (I use cider)
1 C Water
1 T Sugar or your choice of sweetener

Will last about a week in refrigerator in covered container
(I use a glass jar with a lid)

Hope to see you at the BBFM

Sunday 8am to 12pm

Garfield and Pennsylvania Avenues