After a week of August heat – air that was barely breathable – Mother Nature took pity and gifted a day where clouds gave way to reveal a proper summer sun without malice.

Our anchors, Bennett Orchards and Old World Breads, continue to bring us a bounty of peaches, nectarines, and breads and pastries to tantalize. I’ve been known to throw a slice of lightly buttered bread, topped with peach slices and cinnamon sugar in the toaster oven. Extra toppings are up to you – ice cream, chocolate sauce, nuts – whatever tickles your fancy! Prep time: 5 mins. Serves one.

Don’t forget to pick up some bee pollen from Honey Bee Lake Apiary. Thanks to local bees, it provides some protection against local allergens – makes sense, right? However, if you’re looking for relief from allergens of the Northwest, you need bee pollen from their cousins out there. Sprinkle over cereal, yogurt, or my favorite – ice cream!

Fresh Harvest Hydroponics sells out of their sparkling lettuce quickly, and a new addition, figs, is zapped up just as fast!

I just found out that Lavender Fields sells powdered lavender laundry detergent. I washed linens with this, and they do have a light, lovely scent. Of course, nothing is more soothing than lavender! Their detergent costs $15.00, or you can buy my old favorite from Yves Delorme for $38.00.

An independent, blind taste test was held recently sampling the various slicing tomatoes available at our market. Our panel got a little crazy savoring these tasty slices. Once reined in and focused on the task at hand, a clear winner emerged. Drum roll —- the Early Girl from Hudson’s Produce prevailed. Keep in mind – it was close – all samples were pretty terrific!

We have been spoiled for many weeks now with scazzillions of different produce in every color, shape, and size. Don’t panic yet, but I’m getting wind that some of our favorites, such as heirloom cherry tomatoes, may be coming to an end. The harvest won’t go on forever! It’s not too early to think about canning and freezing. Our vendors can be an excellent resource – ask for tips!

Come one, come all! Come see it all!!
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