Nothing but blue skies for Fathers’ Day, mixed with some pretty hefty wind gusts! A few tents threatened to go airborne; but happily, none were successful!

Sorry to say, Bennett Orchards sold out by 9 am this morning. Yo-yoing temperatures are not the recipe for ripening blueberries. Hopefully, we’ll get consistent heat this week; and a bounty will appear next Sunday. Speaking of recipes, when you are lucky enough to snag Bennett’s blueberries, don’t forget to pick up one of my neighbor’s favorite recipes – Aunt Helen’s blueberry pie!

Congratulations to Old World Breads on winning the 2022 Best of Delaware recognition as Best Bakery Downstate. Their berry tarts garnered the magazine’s cover honor! Best Downstate Bakery? That’s old news to us!

Story Hill Farm sold out of many pork products today, as well as eggs. Along with flowers and green onions, they brought beautiful, ridiculously large radishes! A passing patron offered that radishes can be boiled and mashed like potatoes. I bit. She didn’t lie – that can be done, but don’t – the flavor and consistency are frankly, bad. The radish is a noble, nutrient-filled vegetable – it can stand as it is!

A special Happy Father’s Day goes out to Justin, of Ficner Farms, whose infant son, Harvey, was fast asleep (good boy!) when Dad headed to the Market this morning. In other Ficner news, just in this week is fennel. Its bulb has a texture like celery with a licorice flavor. From the fennel bulb, which grows above ground, to the wispy fronds, this is a versatile vegetable. The bulb can be eaten raw in salads, roasted as a side or complement to pasta dishes, and often “pestoed.” Its unique licorice flavor lends itself well to “infusion.”

Whole Fennel Infusion

1 whole fennel, roughly chopped

2 cups good quality vodka

Cover and store in a jar for 7-10 days, shaking occasionally. Strain through fine mesh and store in a jar – refrigerated up to 3 months.

Experimenting this week will include Crab and Asparagus Stuffed Tilapia from 302 Aquaponics (tilapia will be available at the market this summer, as fish mature), using fresh scapes and garlic from Wimbrow Farms. Something will be created with a variety of basil and fragrant celery, compliments of River Cottage; heirloom tomatoes from Herbs, Spice…, lettuce from Fresh Harvest Hydroponics, and perfect creminis from Davidson’s Exotic Mushrooms. Dessert this week – mini apple cake from Old World Breads. Stay tuned.

We had a tremendous turnout this Sunday – thank you to all our patrons who bring smiles, sunshine, and yes, dollars!  Don’t miss out on your favorites – shop early!!!

Sunday 8am – 12pm

Corner of Garfield and Pennsylvania