Peaches rule right now! And Bennett Orchards has boat loads at the Market! I think they are sweeter than ever this summer, but it could just be that the world is sweeter this year! Don’t forget to pick up their brochure with a myriad of great recipes! A new one to me is the Peach Old-Fashioned. Our generations-old family libation is the Old-Fashioned, probably stemming from Prohibition when whiskey flowed freely from Canada. Add a dash of bitters, and you have a healthy (?) quaff!

Colors of the produce are a visual bonanza, stretching the rainbow’s limits! Peppers alone are eye-popping; tomatoes are sexy red and sunny yellows that are non-acidic! From Herbs, Spice… to Ficner’s Farm, who had gigantic tomatoes this week (Not sure what the heck is going on in Kent County, but your trust Board will be investigating.) Mosey on to Hudson’s Produce and around the bend to Wimbrow Farms with watermelons, corn, cukes, squash, more peppers, more tomatoes, properly snappy green beans (!), and you will want to run back to the Market Tent to buy another tote bag.

I ran across this recipe, from an anonymous source, that looks rather decadent.

Mexican Grilled Corn

Shuck and grill corn on medium heat until tender and slightly charred. Put away the butter, and slather with this sauce that can be made ahead of time, and refrigerated.


  • Sour cream
  • Mayonnaise
  • Cumin
  • Chili powder
  • Cilantro
  • Lime juice

Unfortunately, measurements were not provided, so you will have to wing it, but that’s the beauty of summer – Wingin’ It!

Speaking of colors to tantalize the appetite, we have beautiful, reasonably priced flowers throughout the Market. They are perfect for any décor!

We are busy – but there’s room for more! Be There! Be Early!!

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