Just in time for the 4th of July, Bennett Orchards is picking peaches! Need I say they sold out fast? More will be coming next week, as well as blueberries; and they will go quickly as well! Speaking of selling out – Honey Bee Lake Apiary brought 40 pies this week and sold out before 9 am! More will be on hand next Sunday – Shop Early!!

We interrupt your celebration for this important annual admonishment – nay reminder – from Albert Hudson. Always be sure to wash your produce. This protects our farmers, and most importantly – YOU!! Our growers are educated, and certified in all areas of safety. They are conscientious about doing their part, but we must remember to do ours as well.

One last note on radishes: Both Hudson’s Produce and Herbs, Spice… grow red globe radishes, perfect for salads, or in my house, a bowlful (with celery and carrots) in the fridge at all times, just for snacking. Both have a slightly different, but wonderful flavor – why that is shall remain a mystery. In addition, Herbs, Spice… grows French Breakfast radishes – apparently, in France they slice them and sauté in butter to be served with a baguette (from Old World Breads?). I have not tried this, but I certainly will.

We are fast approaching the “Middies” – the period of the season when everything is ripening quickly, and farmers are working like crazy to keep up with the picking! We have a huge variety of produce – come check us out!

I am off to celebrate with the “fam” – see you next Sunday!!

Sunday – 8AM TO 12PM