By Market Reporter Nancy

What strange weather!  At 8 am you could cut the air with a knife. The next hour yo-yoed between fog rolling in from the west and sea mist from the east. Finally the air stabilized, and we picked up a beautiful breeze!

Magee Farms has their beefsteak tomatoes flowing in now. Compliments to Magee: I had my first tomato sandwich of summer 2020. It had a beautiful flavor and was most satisfying! Next week I will put Hudson’s Produce tomatoes through the test!  There’s nothing better than good ole summer tomatoes for the best sandwich ever.

Old World Breads continues to bring its outstanding array of baked goods. They, like many vendors, can get cleared out pretty quickly. Don’t miss the mini frangipane. In my mind it looks a little odd, but it’s surprisingly moist and delicious!

Hudson’s will be introducing seedless watermelons and cantaloupes coming next week – I dare say neither will last long!

Lavender Fields has a great selection of lavender herb blends and a wide array of teas. They are still selling their fun summer soaps: watermelon, blueberry, and peach (WOW!)

Ficner Farms and Wimbrow Farms have corn, but it sells quickly.

Bennett Orchards will have freestone heirloom yellow glow haven peaches – sounds exotic!  Can’t wait to try them.

Despite the heat and humidity, we had a nice turnout at 1,291.

Keep cool if you can! – See you next Sunday – 8 am – 12 pm