Summer is Upon Us

By Market Reporter Nancy

Summer is upon us – got to love it! Unfortunately, it is the summer of Covid; so please stay safe and continue to distance. Our Market attendees have been very respectful of all the new rules. Thank you. 

Bennett Orchards will have blueberries again next week. They are picking Blue Crop berries now which are the Gold Standard – don’t miss out as we are crossing the peak of the season.

Magee Farms will have strawberries again, if their backs hold up! That season will be waning.

Fresh Harvest Hydroponics sold out at 10:30! Arugula arrives next week – shop early!

Herbs, Spice… expects heirloom tomatoes next week. That will be a special treat from their organic farm!

Lavender Fields is beginning to offer their seasonal soaps, such as watermelon. They also have terrific hand sanitizer, bug spray, and much more!

Harry Wimbrow will have his usual array of great produce, including corn. Harry claims that next week he will be sporting a Speedo – with mask! If you need a chuckle, don’t miss this!

Old World Breads is always awesome – cinnamon swirl bread is to die for, along with their other breads – some gluten free – and pastries that melt in your mouth!

The number of shoppers we were able to serve ticked up again to 1,363. With everyone respecting masks and distancing, it makes it easier to get everyone served. We are most fortunate to have the PNC parking lot available to us Sunday mornings. Unfortunately, we have no control over other Town parking. That is dictated by the Town, and we have no influence over that situation. Hopefully things will ease up.

Hope you have a happy and safe 4th of July!

See you next Sunday 8 am – 12 pm