The sun shone on the opening day of the Bethany Beach Farmers’ Market – to the tune of 90 degrees! It’s a bit warm for this early in June, but the local crops are not complaining!

It was great to see our vendors after the dark, long winter of ’20-’21. Bennett Orchards had nothing to schlep to the Market this week, but have no fear; they are kicking, and will be picking this week. Everything in its time… which should be next week!

Hudson’s Produce doesn’t disappoint – look for squash, onions, potatoes, and maybe even sunflowers next week! Albert sold out early – does he need to plant more, or pick more?!! Luckily his better half, Sharon, is by his side to crack the whip.

Loretta and Justin are back making it all happen at Ficner Farms. Their fun and funky kohlrabi is in, but only for one more week. Bodacious broccoli and sugar snaps will return, along with squash and zucchini coming in next week. Don’t miss the zinnias!

Herbs, Spice, Everything Nice, our sole organic farmer, has much to offer. Unfortunately, they won’t be able to produce Cranky Bob this year. At the tender age of 53, he decided to get a real job; he will be missed. In Bob’s stead, they will have cherry tomatoes, carrots, radishes and more – all organic! Don’t forget that (yep!) they have lots of herbs!

Davidson’s Mushrooms always brings fun stuff to the Market. My personal favorite this week was the King Oyster mushroom that has a scallop flavor. It sautés beautifully and complements any dish. According to the face Rose made, it’s not so delectable raw!

The Wimbrow Wagon also has much to offer – tomatoes, broccoli, beets, potatoes, and more! How can Harry have tomatoes in June you ask? The plants are born in a hot house in January. How do they pollinate in a hot house in the winter you ask? Simple, Harry greets them each morning, and gives the plants a smack. Depending on the previous night’s activities, a gentle smack or one with a bit more attitude may be in order. (According to the folks at the UD Ag program, this must be done between sun-up and 7:30 am) As long as Harry’s not smacking Chantel, we approve.

What a wonderful day! Thank you to our patrons from far and near who loyally shop our Market. Last year was tough, but you came anyway. You were respectful and smiling behind your masks! You made our job easier – a “policing” job which we did not relish. You are the sole reason that our little Bethany Market is successful – Kudos to you!!!