By Market Reporter Nancy

We said an official good bye to Parson’s blueberries this week, but they have Honey Crisp apples coming in – one treat after another!

Bennett’s peaches – both white and yellow – are at peak season. It is time to stock up!

Ficner Farms has sugar cube cantaloupes – summer at its sweetest – along with beautiful eggplant and Caroling Gold tomatoes! Cucumbers, squash, corn, and watermelons continue to abound throughout the Market!

Herbs, Spice, Everything Nice has their very interesting Asian Long Beans – as always, organic. With Bob’s extended absence, Dave pulled in help from North Carolina – thank you, Renee, for keeping Dave semi-sane!

Davidson’s Exotic Mushrooms have Oyster mushrooms, Pom-Poms, and, of course, it is the Year of the Portobello!

Our vendors bring a large bounty to our Market, but continue to sell-out, including our flowers. Don’t forget, according to one of our loyal patrons, the dinner table isn’t properly set until there are flowers !!!


SHOP EARLY!!!!      8AM – 12PM

fresh harvest hydroponic displaying their wheat shots

Dave of Herbs Spice Everything Nice. Kooky Asian Long Beans. Smile Dave you survived July!

fresh harvest hydroponic displaying their wheat shots

Davidson’s exotic mushrooms with their special oyster mushrooms and other delicacies. 

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Woman Holding Bowl with Peaches

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Potato Radish Salad

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