By Market Reporter Nancy

The Market caught a break on Sunday. The heavens did not open up until after we closed. Thank you, Mother Nature!  The countdown begins – only 2 more Sundays until the end of our season – where did the summer go!?!

Many were disappointed that Bennett’s final crop of peaches for the season did not ripen as quickly as hoped – pick no peach before its time! They sold out by 8:15!  This week, however, should be a busy one for picking; and an ample supply is expected next Sunday. Do not dawdle; it could be the last week!

Herbs, Spice… has their usual tomatoes, peppers, red onions, and also spider plants. According to NASA, spider plants are among the top 3 house plants for cleaning air, especially of formaldehyde. Who doesn’t need that?!

Keep in mind that our growers are still harvesting a bounty of corn, tomatoes, squash, eggplant, melons, and more! A little tip:  I picked up a most flavorful, aromatic little cantaloupe from Hudson’s Farm – it melts in your mouth!

Old World Breads will be featuring assorted seasonal fruit pastries and always-perfect flat breads! We say good bye to Jahshen Sunday who heads back to Portland to school and a West Coast way of life. Stop by to say farewell for the season – I dare say you will see his infectious grin behind the mask!

We counted 1,088 shoppers on Sunday – holding steady. Thank you once again to our friendly, faithful following!

See you Sunday. 

August 30, 2020            8 am – 12 pm