By Market Reporter Nancy

The Dog Days are upon us! At noon, the PNC Bank registered 95 degrees, and it certainly felt it!

Hudson’s Produce expects heirloom tomatoes and possibly cantaloupes next week. And Do Not miss out on their pollen-free sunflowers! Albert’s long-suffering wife, Sharon – 49 years worth! – says they have no life beyond their passion to toil soil. This goes from February when it’s time to start seedlings in the greenhouse until November! This labor of love is not for the faint of heart.

Our farmers and orchard men work harder than anyone I know; and to boot, their livelihood depends on the mercy of Mother Nature!  Let’s hope she’s kind to them, and we’ll all benefit.

Ficner Farms expects green peppers and sweet corn next week. Not many vendors are harvesting sweet corn yet, and it will sell out quickly!

Bennett Orchards will have blueberries again, but it might be the end – just a heads up!

Their featured peaches next week will be Fab Freestones!  Yay!

Look for shishito peppers – great smackers – hakurei turnips, and more from Herbs Spice… always Organic!

A special shout out to Board Member, Jenn Carter! She is wearing many hats at the Market this year. As always, she’s photographer par excellence, welcoming patrons, roving constantly to ensure the safety of the Market. Personally, I can’t thank her enough for becoming an expert at taking down our tent at day’s end – a job at which I am most inept!

Thank you to all of our local, loyal patrons, and our wonderful seasonal visitors who take time out of their busy vacation schedule to support our Market! We hope it was worth it and that you got to the beach on time!

Our number of shoppers took a nice bump this week to 1,284. There were a few lines, but it seemed to move fairly fluidly.  Thank you for your patience!!!

Come back next Sunday!        8 am – 12 pm