The Dog Days of Summer have settled in.

By Market Reporter Nancy

The Dog Days of Summer have settled in.  Oddly enough, Bethany’s first settlers came here to escape the Dog Days!

There’s not much to report – we expect another week of peaches, apples, produce and flowers galore, lavender, honey, pastries divine….oh my, oh my!!

Albert Hudson has sweet potatoes. Aside from the wonderful Thanksgiving gooey treat we all love, they are a most satisfying baking potato – jazz it up to your liking! Me thinks the Dog Days have gotten to Albert – his razzing of Harry wasn’t up to par. I dare say that won’t last.

Herbs, Spice… will have more scrumptious figs next week. Unfortunately – or not – beach plums are done! And, baba booey to Bob!

Davidson’s Exotic Mushrooms expects the grand return of the Shroom Queen. She always cooks up something great, and shares her awesome recipes. The BBFM visited their mushroom houses this week – it was quite an education. I was gifted Portobellos that I made into a pate, per Terry’s recipe, and served them on the OVP Lounge Friday night – no leftovers! 



Terry went for a reduction…

Nancy left with double Ds

Nancy’s Newest Granddaughter

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Woman Holding Bowl with Peaches

Recipe of the Week

Sweet Potato Biscuits

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