By Market Reporter Nancy

Today’s weather was unremarkable for August – sunny, not beastly hot, with a slight breeze. After some violent storms this week, we’ll take it!

The One Hit Wonders came and left this week. Bennett Orchards’ nectarines were hot sellers this week – so succulent; they are downright naughty! Hope you didn’t miss out; but fear not, Flaming Fury peaches will be featured next week.

Davidson’s Exotic Mushrooms sold out, as did many of our vendors. Their fun, fluffy-looking Pom Poms will be back. They are often used as a nice alternative filler for crab cakes – just shred and toast lightly. Always feel free to ask about uses and recipes for their various exotics!

Herbs, Spice…is still harvesting red onions. With the current salmonella recall on red onions, you have a safe place to shop!

Honey Bee Lake Apiary continues to offer a wide variety of jams, and Carol is still baking pies! Don’t forget to pick up one of my favorites, honey walnut syrup – a sweet and crunchy treat on just about anything!

Of course, Old World Breads never fails to satisfy. The local vegetable flatbreads will be back again next week, along with fresh peach pop tarts. Shop early as some of their favorites sell out quickly!

According to our high tech hand clickers, operated by our highly skilled volunteers, our count of shoppers this week ran to 1,174…a very respectable number for a small, Covid-era, market. 

Thank You Patrons!!!

See you next Sunday 8 am -12 pm