‘Twas a splendid summer indeed! The Bethany Market’s season closed under blue skies, with good cheer, maybe a tear, and perhaps a sigh of relief!

Crowds were up this year, and we want to thank all of our patrons, from near and far, for their constant support, patience, and smiles! (Oh yes, and dollars!)

The Board would also like to thank our ever-growing sea of volunteers, without whom the Market could not operate. With virtually no training and very little supervision, but awesome aprons, they make this Market hum!

Of course, we want to thank our beloved vendors who toil endlessly and traverse horrid summer traffic to bring their many and varied products for all to enjoy! Keep in mind that many of our vendors can be found at the Rehoboth and Lewes Markets, which stay open through October.

We will look forward to seeing you next summer. In the meantime, stay well – stay safe, and squeeze in a chuckle-a-day!