By Market Reporter Nancy

Warm Westerly Breezes came to visit on week 5 of our BBFM. It was not perfect but was enough to cool a very muggy morning.

Ficner Farms has wax beans, and cherry tomatoes to die for. I snacked on a few at lunch, and they are truly sun-kissed! Loretta is all thumbs, and they are all green! She also had beautiful gladiolas this week – with a bit of luck they will return.

Lavender Fields will be bringing more Lavender Lemonade next week. Shop early, because they sold out at 9:30!

Herbs, Spice…has heirloom cherry tomatoes and expect to have large heirlooms next week, along with their lusty garlic!

We had a small gathering for crab picking, which was topped off with Berry Blast Pie from Honey Bee Lake Apiary – excellent! This will be available again next week – don’t miss out!

The Wimbrow Wagon has a bounty of produce including snack peppers, banana peppers, eggplant and corn. Beware, the corn goes fast – I missed out. Harry forgot to set aside a few ears for me – Pooh on you, Harry.

Big news! Bennett Orchards is starting to pick peaches and surprised us with some! Look for them again next week along with more blueberries!

Davidson’s always has a wide variety of exotic mushrooms, but who gives a shiitake?!  We all do and love them!

The number of customers we are able to serve is steady – 1,143 today, and again very few had to wait in line. As always, thanks go to our, patient and respecting patrons!

Come back next Sunday!        8 am – 12 pm